Network of European Minimal Music Organisations

Coming up in Kassel: Experiencing Minimal Music

On the 30th of September lovers of and newcomers to Minimal Music are invited to attend a concert in Kassel. The ensemble in process, which specialises in Minimal Music will perform Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich. Featured as well is an introduction and lecture by Christoph Schuller (Musicologist university of Munich) about” Minimal Music: New music inclusive”. Minimal music is inclusive music – this thesis forms the core of the lecture. Inclusion manifests itself in two ways: On the one hand, works of minimal music are often inspired by experience with different musical cultures of the world. Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians draws its form from the Organa of the middle ages, while the polyrhythmic structures are inspired by west African patterns. On the other hand, Minimal Music largely manages without prerequisites that listeners of new music usually must bring with them. With its unique reduction to generally comprehensible musical elements, minimal music wants to enable intensive participation. You’re invited to experience that for yourself!

Ensemble in process Foto: Hedler