Network of European Minimal Music Organisations
Linda Siebert

Linda Siebert

NEMO is off to bigger horizons!

The NEMO project officially ended on the 29th of February. But that doesn’t mean that we stopped working towards bringing Minimal Music all over Europe to be a force for inclusive music education! Based on the existing ERASMUS small project,…

NEMO in Belgrade

In November 23, the Nemo team gathered in Belgrade for the second transnational meeting of the project. Beside project management and planning for the future pilot activities were also on the agenda. Coming together provided a good opportunity plan and…

Inclusive music making in the classroom

After a successful piloting in 2022 another minimal music workshop will be held in September 2023 with upper school students from a high school in Kassel participating. Results of the workshop will be presented to the public. In these workshops,…

Music educators wanted!

Music Educators

In the NEMO Project we are exploring the potential of minimal music to help with inclusion. To better understand the current situation we are conducting a survey amongst music educators. If you are one or know one we would appreciate…

LP Duo in Concert

LP Duo in Concert in Kassel

Read the newspaper article published in the “Hessische Allgemeine Kassel” from 2nd May 2022. Reporting about the workshops, lectures and primarily the LP Duo concert that took place during the NEMO partner meeting in Spring 2022 in Kassel. Hessische-Allgemeine-Kassel-Mitte-02.05.2022[34]