Network of European Minimal Music Organisations

NEMO in Belgrade

In November 23, the Nemo team gathered in Belgrade for the second transnational meeting of the project. Beside project management and planning for the future pilot activities were also on the agenda.

Coming together provided a good opportunity plan and discuss the future development of the partnership for the project, as well as potential future collaborations and applications.

The Serbian partner SASA had reached out to its network and planned piloting activities. The NEMO team could carry out workshops with music educators and at a music school. This proved to be a valuable experience for all involved, as we could see our approach put into practice and share it with the local community. The atmosphere throughout the trip was positive and productive, with everyone excited to see the results of their hard work.

During the time in Belgrade, the team also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Serbian culture, experiencing the music, dance, and food of the region, as well as learning more about the education system in Serbia.

Overall, the trip to Belgrade served to strengthen the partnership between the Nemo partners, improving collaboration and paving the way for future success. Looking back on their time in Belgrade, the team was proud of the progress they had made and excited about the possibilities for the future.