Network of European Minimal Music Organisations

Suoni dal Mondo – youth orchestras in Arezzo

students from Italy and Germany perform together in a concert

From October 22 to October 28, 2023, the project “Suoni dal Mondo” took concrete and visible form, proclaiming the cultural exchange that has long been intended and the contamination of musical repertoires from around the world. The vision of a Conservatory
shedding the garments of the national reference institution to don those of an entity capable of engaging with cultures beyond borders becomes a tangible reality. This is the objective of the internationalization initiative strongly advocated by Director Giovanni Pucciarmati and
entrusted to Professor Giorgio Albiani.
“Suoni dal Mondo” is realized by the Ensemble Ricercare, experimental laboratory space of the Cherubini Conservatory, in collaboration with the DIMA Association of Arezzo and with the participation of the Zentrum für Interkulturelle Musik of Kassel under the umbrella of the NEMO project,which connects organisations related to Minimalism to foster inclusive music making.
On October 22nd, the Youth World Music Orchestra (YWMO) from Kassel, Germany, conducted by Maestro Ulli Götte, reached the Intercultural Center “Don G. Torelli” in San Pancrazio, Bucine (AR), managed by the Cultural Association DIMA. This center is a
memorial site for the Nazi-Fascist massacre of June 29, 1944, managed by the Cultural Association DIMA. It also serves as the hospitality venue for this significant artistic residency, where the 25 students of YWMO are living alongside students from the Cherubini Conservatory and those of the DIMA Academy. The week will be lived through rehearsals and shared experiences, all supported by the exploration of sounds from around the world. The YWMO has as its primary mission the exploration and interpretation of repertoires of South American, African, Oriental, and European origin. The contribution of individual musical formations from all students, but above all, the search for new harmonies, will mark their daily lives.
On October 26th, the intense work of exchange and study was presented to the public with a debut concert in the magnificent Vasarian Hall of the “F. Petrarca” Music High School in Arezzo.”
In a subsequent phase, the host country will become the headquarters for a new experience of musical sharing and creation. The exchange, therefore, involves learning that goes beyond musical discipline and merges with the cultural traditions of the countries that will be
protagonists of the project year after year. All active steps lend themselves to variations that enrich the project with objectives and
In fact, in tandem with internationalization and intercultural dialogue, attention is also focused on the establishment of an educational chain involving high school and middle school students in the area. This is where they choose to visit, performing what they have learned
during the days of coexistence. Residing at one of the sites of the Nazi massacre in 1944 creates a connection with the
international project “MAM, Music Art and Memory,” involving Italian and German students to seal the pacifying power of music.
The final idea, satisfying a logical and emotional process, is the formation of an international orchestra of young musicians playing music from around the world with content that refers to the minimal genre.