Network of European Minimal Music Organisations

NEMO is off to bigger horizons!

The NEMO project officially ended on the 29th of February. But that doesn’t mean that we stopped working towards bringing Minimal Music all over Europe to be a force for inclusive music education!

Based on the existing ERASMUS small project, the consortium developed a full project application called “Find NEMO” with an extended consortium including new partners from DE, FR, IT, SR and Ukraine. From a programme point of view, this is certainly one of the biggest achievements of the project, as it demonstrates the strength of the idea of “first” small projects as a starter for full projects. NEMO has proven not only that small-scale projects are suitable for developing high-potential innovations, but also that they are viable instruments, especially for small NGOs, to gain professional competence and to acquire funding in a time of decreasing public funding. The NEMO partners are proud to present this success story of an “upgrading” and long-term development of the initial project to transfer the integrative and inclusive concept of Minimal Music to other European regions and schools.

The many advantages of minimalism, in particular an interdisciplinary approach, should fall on fertile ground in schools. The fundamental characteristic of working with very simple structures and without preconditions favours any form of inclusion and creates a very specific group dynamic. A school involved in this project will convey these fundamental pedagogical values to the teaching staff; the teachers can recognize the opportunities of teaching minimal music, art, dance, and poetry and implement them in an interdisciplinary way. The aim is to bring all pupils into those creative processes that are made possible by the values of unconditionality, simplicity, comprehensibility and transculturality.

8 European schools and institutes from DE, IT, SR and Ukraine will collaborate in the 2 years project, hopefully starting in autumn 2024. We’ll keep you posted!